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LevelInfinitum (452.1)
Paw Squad (Episode 1) by LevelInfinitum Badly Taught Boy (Part 3)
Badly Taught Boy (Part 3) [Shopping Day]
Kieran and I lived not too far away from the City Centre, so we could easily walk to the shops together.  Just less than a mile away was the main shopping centre.  But because we were going to need a quite a lot for Kieran’s benefit, I decided that we went in the car so that we had the boot space to carry it all back when we were done.  For this trip, I allowed Kieran to sit in the front passenger seat next to me.  We parked up in the car park, then I got out some loose change from my pocket to get the parking ticket, which was placed on the dashboard for the traffic wardens to see.  Then, Kieran and I headed for the doors of the shopping centre.
“Are you feeling OK Kieran?”
“I’ve never felt better in my life.”
As we entered the main doors, we saw humongous crowds coming in and out of the shopping centre like stampedes.  I had no idea how Kieran coped with crowds, so I gave him a
Badly Taught Boy (Part 5)
Badly Taught Boy (Part 5) [Bump in the night]
At approximately 9 O’Clock that Saturday evening, I told Kieran that it was time for him to go to bed.  As per my religion, The elders that had visited had taught Kieran about having family prayer together with me each evening, and that was what we had done just prior to Kieran going into the bathroom and brushing his teeth.  When he had finished brushing his teeth, Kieran walked into his bedroom, where I was waiting on the side of the bed.  The main light was out, but I had turned the bedside lamp on for him.  Kieran joined me on the side of the bed, and yawned.
“It’s been such a long day Christian.”  Kieran said to me.
“It sure has.  So how did you feel about The Elders of the Mormon Church coming over?”
“It was very eventful.  Learning about religion for the first time in my life has given me more light of what reality is really like.”
“How about the
Badly Taught Boy (Part 2)
Badly Taught Boy (Part 2) [The First Morning At A New Home]
It was now half past midnight.  Kieran was sleeping soundly under the blanket of the pitch blackness.  His eyes were shut and his body was completely motionless.  It was the first time in his entire life that he had been able to sleep soundly.  Next-door, I too had taken myself to bed.  But unlike Kieran, my eyes were still open, and I was looking up at the ceiling.  I was still worried about how Kieran would cope overnight on his own, and although he had been given hypnotherapy to calm down, just like he had told me before, I had a feeling that it just wasn't enough.  But staying awake and thinking about it just wasn't going to do anything for me, so I simply closed my eyes and tried to get to sleep; which I soon did.
~ ~ ~
Saturday Morning at 9AM.  The sun had risen into the clear blue skies, and there was not one cloud to be seen.  I had already gotten myself changed into my day
Badly Taught Boy (Part 4)
Badly Taught Boy (Part 4) [Home Teaching]
Upstairs in his bedroom, Kieran, again using the advantage of his hypnotherapy, took the clothes he had out of the shopping bag and began to sort out all the pieces into the chest of drawers.  But he left out one pair of jeans, the green T-shirt, and the icy blue trainers.  After everything else was put away, Kieran undressed himself of the clothes he was lent by me, and got himself changed into his chosen clothes with a clean pair of socks and underpants as well.
Once he was fully dressed, he tapped his toes on the floor, picked up the other clothes, and went downstairs with them.
Kieran put the borrowed clothes in the laundry basket in the kitchen, and then walked into the living room to join me.  I turned to Kieran as he sat himself down on the sofa beside me, looking immediately at his new attire.
“Wow, look at the change in you Kieran!”
“You like it?”
“I do.  Is it comfortable for you?
Badly Taught Boy (Part 1)
Badly Taught Boy.  (Part 1)  [A new home]
My name is Christian.  I live in Peterborough in the East of England.  I wasn't married, and had no intention to find a spouse.  I live in a two storey house that I was given by my parents when I moved out, and I used to live alone; that was, until someone else came into my life.  There was this young man of mine, whom I was in the process of caring for, in the hope I would one day adopt him as my own son.  His name was Kieran, and he was 12 years of age.  He was only recently orphaned after he was removed from his biological parentage by social services, and all for a good reason.  Kieran was born to parents who treated him very badly, and taught him so many wrongdoings.  Despite his upbringing, I saw his potential to learn from his mistakes, and that's why I've taken him in, to help him understand where his parents taught him wrong, for I was very strict disciplinarian when people did bad, but

Twerka-Trever (333.19)

Margaret-Belt (28.0)
Following Footsteps - Chapter 1Following Footsteps is something I never wanted to do, whether it was the world, celebrities, or my parents. All of which, I’ve come to hate. Although I can’t really say that I hate my mother because I never met her, but that’s another story. Life hates me so I decided at a very young age that I hate it right back. By the way, my name is Athel. Yeah, it sounds like a girl’s name but it’s the only thing (besides my eye color) my mother gave me and for that, I love it.
There are three things you need to know about me...
1. I hate myself.
2. I’m depressed.
3. I don’t believe in true love.
So here I go, I guess I’ll start with number one…
I look like my father. I guess that’s the reason I hate myself basically. I blame him for impregnating my mother. You can’t bare the entire weight of her death all on me, especially when I was a baby and they were two high school kids just screwing around (no pun intended). I just recently

bleuberry109 (22.0)

Elsace-Zombie (16.0)

Neferit (12.0)
Hobbit: Mom, not in front of the armies!Title: Mom, not in front of the armies!
Fandom: The Hobbit
Characters: Azog, armies of Battle of Five Armies
Summary: A story of how Azog definitely shouldn't even leave his bed one day.
Today, Azog thought, was really a shitty day to get up from bed. He should stay there, he thought, and not run around like headless chicken (although these were mighty fun to watch), because ever since he rode his white warg to the Lonely Mountain, everything went south.
Like – he had been expecting about 13 dwarves to slaughter, and a whole of a mountain to pillage and destroy. Would have been nice, no? All those statues he could topple and do unimaginable things to, all those wooden things he could set aflame, all this gold he would own (minus the small part of the hoard he would have to share with others)…
But nooo, of course it couldn't be that easy.
Instead, he got several armies at the bottom of the bloody mountain; Elv
ST TOS: Are We There Yet?Title: Are We There Yet?
Author: Neferit
Characters: Chekov
Genre: humour, crack, parody - your pick
Are We There Yet?
In the words of profound wisdom – Chekov was fucked, and not in the funny meaning of the phrase. No, he was really fucked, like very really kidnapped by hostile alien race, who thought it funny to kidnap Starfleet Officers.
It wasn't so bad, actually. They just took him from Enterprise – now that is something what he would pay good credits to see, Mr Scott's and Captains fury at that damn aliens who dare to steal people from their ship – right before they will took every ounce of power from the engines and find the kidnappers to beat the shit out of them with a screwdriver, which will be something what Sulu will join with an epee, Uhura will sing them to the next century, Doctor McCoy will hypo them so much their neck will never stop aching and Mr Spoc
ME: Which Cheek?Title: Which Cheek?
Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters: Ashley Williams, Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, Joker, Kaidan Alenko
Genre: Humour, Friendship, Angst
Summary: There were moments when Ashley cursed blue streak about the military discipline - and her big mouth.
Which Cheek?
There were moments Ashley seriously hated her commanding officer, and seriously considered mutiny. Like - now. What the hell was she thinking, when she said "you say kiss a Turian, I'll ask which cheek"?
You bet that not only police will use everything you say against you.
One would have hoped that the Commander, woman herself, would be merciful towards someone who sure had a reason to hold grudge against aliens, Turians in particular. But noooo - she had to be all Star Trek like, and just like Captain Kirk deliver an epic speech to her (why did she almost called herself Stiles?!) about playing nice with all
ME: Birds and StatuesTitle: Birds and Statues
Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters: F!Shepard, Joker, mentions of the crew of Normandy
Genre: Comfort, Friendship, pre-Romance
Summary: Some days, you are bird, and some days, you are statue. Deal with it. As Shepard knows oh so well.
Notes: Written for a prompt at masseffectkink meme.
Birds and Statues
Some days, you are bird, and some days, you are statue. Deal with it.
As Allison thought about her favorite Dilbert rule, she couldn't help but agree with it. It would be all rainbows, if she got to be the bird in everything - flying all around, shitting on the people she didn't like and then fly away before they got to do anything. Oh yes.
But sadly, fate had different opinion of the matter - this time, she was the statue all over again, for weeks now. She was peacefully dead, but then someone had to stick their noses into someone else's b

Mature Content

GameGeek95 (2.0)

Mature Content

MxR 100 Theme Challenge: 12. JealousyA/N: *In her last story, says to write more frequently back in early May*
*Realizes it’s June*
I’m SO sorry. D: I would make excuses, but that doesn’t make it any better.
So here’s another M x R Theme. After reading the support conversations between Roy and Lalum, I can totally see Marth being jealous when she goes around tackling Roy to the ground XD
Oh and note, this is NOT a hate fanfic on Marth x Caeda and Roy x Lalum. They’re just there for the plot.
12. Jealousy
Uh oh… Roy sighed mentally when he recognized that high-pitched voice. He was suddenly tackled to the ground by an orange-haired young girl. The girl hugged him tightly, smiling wide.
“I’m SOOOO glad to see you, Roy!” The girl screamed so loud that Roy felt his eardrum burst.
“U-uh…yeah, Lalum…
MxR 100 Theme Challenge: 10. MeetingA/N: And now for the 10th Theme!
10. Meeting
“Roy, remember the first time we met?” Marth asked as he and Roy stare up at the cloudless sky. The two friends were sitting on the steps of Roy’s castle, enjoying the nature around them.
Roy nodded. “I do…it’s when your family came by to discuss politics with my father…you were so lonely.”
“I remember that…that’s when we became friends…”
7-year-old Roy ran out of his castle, stick in hand. The Lowell family had come by to talk to his father, Eliwood, about politics. The young boy doesn’t understand what they were talking about, however, so Eliwood told him to go outside and play while the adults talk.
The red-headed boy ran around the large garden, swinging his stick like a sword. He began to hit an oak tree, pretending that it was a
M x R 100 Theme Challenge 11. BullyingA/N: Looks like school’s almost over! (I’m a senior, so seniors get out of school earlier than other students XD) So I’m gonna TRY (note: TRY) to write more frequently. If I don’t, hit me on the head with a baseball bat for breaking a promise :P
So another theme for my M x R 100 Theme Challenge! After writing the 10th theme, I actually like these two as children. They’re so cute :3
11. Bullying
Ever since they first met, 7-year-old Roy and 9-year-old Marth became best friends. The two played with each other every day, and they enjoyed each other’s company. The Lowell family and Eliwood noticed that their children shared a strong bond, so they decided to come to each other’s countries to visit so their children can play together.
One day, Eliwood and Roy went to Altea to meet the Lowells, and Eliwood let the youn

Mature Content


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