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Submitted on
October 27, 2013


136 (who?)

Super Group Giveaway -- Voting Round 2

Sun Oct 27, 2013, 11:03 PM
:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondatrade: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondatrade: :iconflyingheartsplz:

Voting Round Two

Thank you to everyone who voted in the last round. The results were quite close, so I have narrowed the number of potential winners down to ten, which are listed below in no particular order.


1. Add this to your :+fav: to let more deviants in the community participate

2. Each deviant who favs this journal can vote for up to two groups

3. Deviants must be legitimate accounts (no point, donation, plz, or ask accounts allowed)

4. Comment below with the icons of the two groups you want to vote for

5. Finally, please try to vote for the group that you think truly deserves a Super Group subscriptions. I have provided some basic stats about each group along with the percentage of watchers who voted for each group. I encourage everyone to also visit the pages of this group and see for themselves which group is most deserving.

Deadline: Friday, November 1

Top Voted Groups

:iconfanfiction-authors: Fanfiction-Authors
With a Super Group status the main goal is to add Sub-folders! We need this to organize not just for the admins but for our members too, this would make things much easier for both readers and writers to find stories, poems and any other helpful things in the gallery! We would also experiment with the page layout and skins to make sure our group stands out.
(Created 3 years ago / 876 members / 777 watchers / 2% of watchers voted)

:iconeveryone-is-special: EVERYONE-IS-SPECIAL
The purpose of this group is to support every artist that loves art. We are always friendly, fun and active that's the reason many people like us! We are here to tell everybody that everyone is special in their own way so never look down upon yourself or others!
(Created 3 months ago / 1933 members / 1793 watchers / 3% of watchers voted)

:iconchibi-realm: Chibi-Realm
this group waved by cuteness, basically on chibi, but still accept another announcement or advertise.
(Founded 3 weeks ago / 298 Members / 309 Watchers / 13% of watchers voted)

:iconpandoraacademy: PandoraAcademy
Pandora Academy has been around for a while, and is a continuously growing role play group. A supergroup would help us improve the format and organization of role plays, the plot, and events, as well as make our group more popular and the page prettier. We would like to win this giveaway to help our group grow and improve, and to please our members.
(Founded 1 year ago / 27 members / 81 watchers / 15% of watchers voted)

:iconask-evillious: Ask-Evillious
We should win, because this group has many hardworking members. They work very hard to take time out of their lives to talk to, and answer people's questions, they are one of those few ask-groups that are very dedicated to their work! I believe that they truly deserve this, and that it would really benefit the group!
(Founded 5 months ago / 81 members / 113 watchers / 36% of watchers voted)

:iconartistsforever: ArtistsForever
My group has just started and we would really like to become a super group because we will have the ability to use polls, journal Skins, more widgets, page layouts, and rename members/positions and organize the folders in our gallery. With the super group upgrade, we will install subfolders, a countdown clock for our current contest, and change the contributor names because we have different assigned positions for each member. :) Thank you for considering our entry and we hope that we can obtain this upgrade. :la:
(Created 3 months ago / 905 members / 842 watchers / 3% of watchers voted)

:icontmntfriendsforever: TMNTfriendsforever
I have heard from several members that they like this group.
I want to make this group even more fun! So that members can proudly say: I'm proud to be part of this group.
(Founded 2 years ago / 304 members / 339 watchers / 10% of watchers voted)

:iconmysticquintessence: MysticQuintessence
This group deserves to win because it not just about 1 thing but about forms of different styles of shows all child-friendly and something a whole family can enjoy from Teen Titans to Tangled, from the new movie Frozen to many traits of classic Disney
(Founded 1 year ago / 385 members  / 376 watchers / 6% of watchers voted)

:icongrellsutcliff-fc: GrellSutcliff-FC
We are officially the largest Grell Sutcliff group on DA but it is difficult to convey this visually despite being extremely active. Having supergroup status would help us to be able to add a more interesting visual element to our group, help with group feedback through use of polls, and overall promote the creativity of our members in bigger and better ways. We were once a supergroup before the original founder left, and I as the current founder have been trying to raise the points to get it back since I took charge.
(4 years ago / 2,248 Members / 2,796 watchers / 1% of watchers voted)

:iconproject-featuringyou: Project-FeaturingYou
Our group is out to STOP the fave-and-run epidemic run rampant on dA, trying to give more attention to deviants in general, and NOT just the ones that are most popular.  Everyone deserves their chance to shine on this site, and we're out to give them all the features that will make them enjoy their deviantART experience! :la:
(Founded 5 months ago / 363 members / 363 watchers / 6% of watchers voted)

Please comment below with the :icon: codes for up to two groups!

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AskKachessCrim Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
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